Thursday, 1 September 2011

Too many blogs, too little time to add them here

I hereby acknowledge that I have set up many more blogs in the last few months than I have added to this meta-blog. Please forgive me for both actions.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


The Hastings Pier Fire - why the truth matters, how we get to the truth and what lies beyond. (

Friday, 22 April 2011


Somewhere to be less of an observer and more of a participant in local matters, building a more caring, sharing Hastings & St Leonards. (Volunteers particularly needed to build this blog)

Mediate for Immunity from Prosecution

"Once a criminal case (with a number of suspects) has collapsed and people are aggrieved, Mediation Support Ltd will support an appeal to the powers that be so that the 'suspects' get an opportunity to mediate, without anything they say being used in evidence against them. Your view on this? Your support?"
The Web address:
I recognise that there is an implication in this website title that people accused of crimes might prefer prosecution as immunity from being held to account by those who have been offended against; the more challenging option that makes all the difference is often mediations! 

Hastings Justice

This blog starts as a listing of my tweets, which are now mostly about how Hastings gets justice - in the aftermath of yesterday's news that there are to be no charges pressed against Hastings Pier Fire suspects.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Action for Happiness - Hastings and St Leonards
The new charity "Action for Happiness" was launched today.
I wish to ensure that the work of this charity grows in Hastings. I will seek to work with this charity, link it to and provide my own Mediation Support Ltd services all at the Southwater Centre, St Leonards on Sea in June 2011. (An informal partnership for Happiness & Well-Being).

Hastings Sangha
This blog is part of an attempt to make Sangha links in Hastings & St Leonards. I offer a library of Buddhist books which will be at the Southwater Community Centre in June 2011. (I am involved in the Triratna Buddhist Community -have been since 1998- and am a mitra who has asked for ordination)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

iShare Kindles

29th March (2nd new blog this afternoon)
Though electronic books save printing, I'm concerned about whether we can share them efficiently. This blog recounts experiments in sharing Kindles, and invites you to share yours too. What is your Kindle's idling time (ie the number of hours between use); how can you use that idling time better to save people spending money on electronic devices and media?

Introductory Film for the Paul's Newest Blog BLOG

Spot the mistake in this video: if you spot it, please add a comment below!

New blogs from Paul so far in March 2010

9th March
-This is some private space for dreaming that I'm willing to publically share. In the words of Captain Sensible -or is it "South Pacific"- "You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream; how you gonna have adream come true?. If you don't talk happy, and you never have a dream, then you'll never have a dream come true".

20th March - 3 jewels blog, which I share with those in the Triratna Buddhist Community who I am in a "going for refuge" group or some kalyana mitrata relationship. (If you're not connected to the TBC or have even once encountered the, forgive the jargon).
- The blog is where I do some of the work of transforming myself into someone who can be deemed to have effectively gone for reguge to the three jewels.
(It's all the stuff I've left out of my soon to be publically published autobiography). Some of the text is gobbldy-gook because it was read from an old manuscript by character recognition software.
22nd March

At a "wolf at the door" writing workshop in March 2011, we were tasked, within 10 minutes to do the following:
1) Write your autobiography in exactly 100 words
2) Whittle it down to 30
3) Now sum-up your life in this number of non-hyphenated words: one.
For me, that word was 'justify'.
9 web-pages with photos and films make up and within these pages there is only a hint of the book's central secret.
Two days after the writing workshop, I recognise that, on one level, all 200 odd pages of The Imperfect Idealist are, so to speak, just a longer justification of my existence. 
24th March

 This blog was inspired by being asked by the meditation teacher Vajradaka at the beginning and end of a meditation session: "What kind of water are you?". At the beginning I was fizzing water (with a Vitamin C tablet in it); at the end I was the water swirling round a plughole; with a sense of impending direction. What kind of water are you?
26th March -  
The National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts are funding a pilot project being provided by Restorative Technology Ltd , whose director and CEO is Paul Crosland, whose work in Restorative Justice has been seen as ahead of its time, yet is fast becoming timely.
At the 2010 Social Innovation Camp, (called Jailbrake) SafeGround won first prize:

"The Restorative Technology Ltd wider vision is both to enable increased understanding between those involved in and affected by crimes and also to encourage responsibility being taken by all who can contribute to generating safer societies."                (Director and CEO -Paul Crosland)
29th March - 
This blog is inspired by getting this facebook comment: "Satya Darshin: It's a blog about your prodigious blog creation, for those of us that can't keep up". Thanks for the idea. As I said a few minutes earlier on facebook: What do you blog about? If not, why not?; have you no interests that could be sharpened and shared this way?